Ford Streetka Review 0

The Ford Streetka is a sportier and more powerful variant of the Ford Ka. Like the original Ka, it is a stylish and an affordable car.

The car ended production in 2006 after a three year life span. We review our favourite points about the vehicle in today’s article.

Running Costs

Running the car will not set you back much, with it costing near enough to run the standard Ford Ka. Servicing and part prices are some of the best in its category. It sits in insurance group 7 with the 1.6 litre 35.8 MPG making the car affordable to many.

The Drive

Everything great about the Ka is included with this car with an added open top roof. This makes the drive in the summer a lot more exciting, especially with the improved handling and added agility. The car also grips the road surprisingly well too, adding an element of sportiness to the car’s manoeuvrability.

The car has the same 1.6 litre as the SportKa, which is able to produce around 94 BHP. It’s an adequately enough powered car to ensure the driver is able to have fun.


You certainly get your money’s worth with the Ford Ka. There are alloy wheels, central locking, electric windows and a CD player with every model. The luxury version of the car is probably the pick of the bunch. There are leather seats with further enhanced interior features within, making the car look very attractive.


There are many other attributes that make the car a great one to own. What we have mentioned are just a few of our favourite points.

It can be said that you don’t buy the car for blistering pace or it’s sport credentials. But overall the car is fun to drive, stylish and affordable, what more could you ask for? If you want a fun open top roadster to drive about, you can probably do a lot worse than the Ford StreetKa.

The car’s design is based on the older generation of the vehicle. Will we see a new StreetKa based upon the later generation of the Ford Ka? It looks very unlikely but many would certainly hope so.