Ford S-Max MPV 1

The Ford S-Max is one of the best family cars available on the market. We take a further in depth review and highlight why it is one of the finest cars out there.


The Ford S-Max is one of the most stylish family cars available on the UK market. It adds that extra bit of style to the school runs and shopping trips. The sporty looking alloys blend in wonderfully to the car wonderful exterior design. A great car to be seen in even if it is a family car.


Available as a 7 seater, there is plenty of practicality offered with either version. This is certainly a feature which Ford never fail to offer, on almost every single one of their cars. In the Ford S-Max it features in abundance.  Five adults are able to sit in complete comfort with a tremendous amount of head and leg room. Access to the rear seats is made very easy, with them able to be folded back too for extra storage space.


Even with the standard model, there is a lot of equipment included. This comprises of dual zone climate control, Bluetooth connectivity ability, rear parking sensors and full electric windows. Upgrading to the Titanium editions adds cruise control and a USB adapter for MP3 connectivity (plus more). The highest level trim, the Titanium X Sport will add a further sporty body kit along with part leather seats.

The drive

The drive is definitely one of the best features on the whole car. For a multi-purpose vehicle, you may be surprised as to just how well the Ford S-Max handles itself on the road. It’s actually quite enjoyable. The steering is very responsive, the car grips he road very well and the car is more agile than you may expect around corners. Let’s not forget that it is a family car at the same time. The suspension represents that with it adapting well to offer great comfort to everyone inside.


The Ford S-Max a great car that offers more than your typical family vehicle benefits. If you have a family and want a car that adds a little bit more to your daily routines, we would recommend this car.