Ford Ranger Review 0

Today we review the Ford Ranger, a vehicle which is quite rare amongst the UK roads.

There isn’t much a market for the pickup truck this side of the Atlantic Ocean but it doesn’t mean that the car doesn’t contain some great features.

We review our favourite attributes of the car in today’s article.


The Ford Ranger does naturally offer a tremendous amount of practicality compared to other vehicles, as it’s a pickup truck. There is enough space for adults to sit at the rear and a generous amount of head and leg room at the front. The load bay, which is the vehicles main feature, is pretty large. It can store more than the Nissan Navara with the load bay being larger in size.

Parking assistance is present and comes in the form of reversing parking sensors. This is only available in higher level models.

Driving position

The Ford Ranger has one of the best driving positions within its particular class. The dashboard is nicely laid out and has easy to use functions. The steering wheel is adjustable to suit drivers of different heights.


The double-cab models come with a great amount of equipment. You’ll get four electric windows, a CD player and remote central locking.

Air conditioning comes at a price of £500 however with the basic trims.

The XLT models have nicely designed alloy wheels as well as a CD changer. There is also a leather steering wheel and gear knob, adding to the car’s attractiveness within.

Thunder models include a more extravagant interior design. The seats are all converted to leather too. The reversing parking sensors mentioned earlier come as standard with this trim.

Running costs

Compared to other 4×4 rivals available on the market, the Ford Ranger can offers pretty decent running costs. The car can offer around 30 MPG, which is quite respectable considering the class in which the vehicle is placed.


The Ford Ranger has many more advantageous features which we could have mentioned in this article.

The vehicle’s main market place is in America, which is why many of you may not be aware of the car.

For the small market in the U.K in which the car has, we believe that the car has a great amount to offer.