Ford Fusion Review 0

The Ford Fusion was introduced to the UK market in 2002.

At first it caused a stir but has turned out to be a pretty decent car with its production still ongoing.

We take a look at what we think are the car’s best features.


It’s a family car which offers a great amount of comfort. You won’t find many passengers complaining of the space. The car is slightly larger than the typical Fiesta, which steers the car away from being a small car and allows comfort levels to be maximised as a consequence.

Running costs

The diesel engines offer the cheapest running costs. You’ll be able to achieve around 60 MPG when your car is running diesel. You won’t be paying a lot to keep the car going. The insurance group is low along with the car tax.


The level of safety within the car is quite moderate but is still one of the best features upon the car. It managed to score 4 stars in the Euro NCAP crash test results. You get front airbags as standard. Stability control along with side and curtain airbags are optional throughout the car. Deadlocks along with immobilisers are available across the range making the car difficult to break into and steal.


As mentioned earlier the Ford Fusion is made slightly larger than the Ford Fiesta. The extra space allows the car to consist of high levels of practicality throughout. The boot is adequately sized leaving enough storage space for everyday items. There are also split rear seats at the back for extra items to be stored if needed.

The driving position allows a clear view of the road ahead. It sits higher than the Fiesta and gives a dominant feel behind the wheel whilst driving. The steering wheel is able to be adjusted to set in between different heights. The dashboard is quite cleverly laid out with controls easily able to be reached which are also very accessible.


The Ford Fusion is a great option for those who want a Ford Fiesta with that little more space. It’s not defined as a small type of vehicle, more a mini SUV.