Ford Focus Estate review 0

We have discussed the Ford already in previous articles, but today we look at estate version. It may not be to everyone’s tastes but we take a look as to why it can actually be a fantastic option for many motorists.

Driving the car

Many experts recommend buying the Ford Focus estate purely on the drive, as it’s superb. Ford has engineered the car to handle brilliantly and deliver comfort to all at the same time. It has brilliant responsive steering, grips the road very well and can zip to a fast face whilst remaining very smooth.

Engine Variants

There are solid choices for both petrol and diesel engines in the Ford Focus Estate range. Petrol ranges all come with 1.6 litre engines, with the entry level model managing to produce 103BHP. The model above that can reach around 123BHP and the turbocharged version will produce a maximum of 148BHP.

The diesel range also has a choice of 1.6 litre engines. You’ll get a choice between a 93bhp engine and an 113bhp engine when purchasing a diesel. There are also 2.0 litre engines available if you want a higher performance model. Each of them will out a maximum of 138bhp and 161bhp respectively.

Inside the car

Within the car you’ll be impressed by the immaculate interior. It’s designed and finished very well and very attractive looking.

The Ford Focus is known as a practical car. It doesn’t come as much of a surprise that the Ford Focus Estate offers a great amount of practicality too. Rear seats fold down to offer plenty of storage space with 2 adults being able to sit comfortably at the back when the seats are up.As standard, the car will come with air conditioning, Bluetooth connectivity and a DAB radio. There also many options to choose from including adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning.

The driving position is also very worthy of some praise. It has everything laid out perfectly to make the driver feel completely at ease and sit in comfort.

There are plenty more brilliant features about the car that make it popular, including the design and running costs. Many choose the Ford Focus Estate in order to opt for that more space and practicality. We think it’s a great choice for a family car.