Ford C-Max Review 0

The Ford C-Max has taken the UK market by storm since its arrival in 2003. It’s a multipurpose vehicle that really stands out within its class. It has been introduced into the American market recently thanks to its tremendous success around Europe.

Our review looks at some specific characteristics that we believe make the car one of the best around.


Being a multipurpose vehicle, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Ford C-Max is immensely practical. It’s very easy to park as it isn’t the largest vehicle with the driver having great visibility of the road ahead. It isn’t made for a family that extends beyond the average number, but is certainly more than adequate for a modern day family. All the seats are able to folded flat with plenty of boot space even when they are not.


The car has a great amount of space for 5 people. There is a lot of leg and head room within allowing all to sit in comfort.


You get plenty of standard equipment with the C-Max including air-conditioning, Bluetooth and a heated windscreen. The titanium version offers slightly more advanced features such as a keyless start, cruise control and automatic headlights.

Running costs

The running costs for the Ford C-Max are not mightily impressive compared too many others within its class but overall it is cheap to maintain and run. The petrol versions are said to give out approximately 42mpg with a low tax rate to pay for it. With the 1.6 litre diesel said to average 61mpg with no tax to pay.

Safety Technology

A Ford that is family orientated generally comes with a great amount of safety. The Ford C-Max is no different, with ESP and traction control on all models. There is also a Seat belt reminder system along with child power locks.


A very good choice for the modern day family. It’s safe, stylish, very practical and everything else that you would expect. It won’t cost you a fortune to purchase or maintain either. Owners would be sure to vouch for many more brilliant features about the car that certify its brilliance. The Ford C-Max is sure to keep the whole family comfortable and pleased with the purchase of the car.