The 2013 Ford Explorer Sport 0

The new Ford Explorer Sport will only be made available across the Atlantic in the United States. The car has a starting price of $29,159.

The new model gets the typical improvements of emissions, fuel efficiency and in car technology with the addition of MyFord Touch. On top of that, this time round Ford has made sure that the handling has been improved. The outgoing model gave the driver an awful driving experience with very poor feedback.  Ford have upgraded the driving assist to give the car steering a better response, weighing less and feeling more like a sportier type of vehicle. Some reviews have still been left disappointed by this particular feature and believes that there is still great room for improvement.

The car’s body control is now a lot easier to handle, with the car now not feeling its weight too much around corners. The car’s agility is impressive for its overall size and weight.

The wide low profile tyres are typical of sporty SUV’s. They are known as ContiSportContact tyres which allow the vehicle to grip the road very well. The all wheel drive system distributes power amongst equally to deliver a fun to drive vehicle.

The Terrain Management control system does not contain a sports control on the 2013 model. Ford has justified their decision by upgrading all the standard features to make the car sportier. 50 per cent of engine power is able to be transferred to the rear wheels through the management control system. It does so by locking all the differentials. Ford’s Curve Control technology optimises for better and faster corner taking by braking the inside wheel.

The quality of the drive has been improved a great deal, with the car offering greater levels of comfort. The bumps along the road are hardly felt with the noise of such collisions being soaked out.

The Ford Explorer Sport will now come with stronger brakes to bring the car to a halt a lot quicker. The 3.5 litre EcoBoost twin turbo V6 is able to produce 365 BHP and 350 lb-ft of torque. Gear shifts have been made a lot quicker, giving justification to its “Sport” badge. The lack of a sports mode button will not prove to be a problem as the car‘s standard features have been greatly upgraded.

The Ford Explorer Sport is a great value for money vehicle and is sure to be a wonderful addition to the American car market.