The £200,000 classic Ford rally car 0

These days, world rally cars are so fast it takes your breath away at meetings when you see them put through their paces. At the Wales Rally GB held recently, there were a few flashbacks to how things used to be.

In a nostalgic parade of the rally cars of yesteryear, rear wheeled drive Ford Escorts and Datsun 240Zs were amongst the veterans on display, reminding us all of how much fun things were in the glory days of the seventies and eighties.  For those wanting to buy one of these beasts on display, it’s going to set you back six figures, even a converted Escort isn’t going to come cheap.

Out of all the golden oldies on show, the Escort above took pride of place in Wales, and costs £79,500. It also took 1000 hours to restore, and cost £120,000 across that period.

Built by Major Motorsport, team Principal Simon Mauger, claims that he’s, “never been beaten by another Escort”, a boast that would imply that he knows what he’s doing within the rally genre of the Blue Oval. He also said that “there was no budget” during the restoration phase.

Under the hood there’s a Millington Diamond 2.5-litre four-cylinder, a potent engine capable of a meaty 300bhp. This is combined with a Tractive sequential gearbox, and Brembo are responsible for the braking. The fruits of their labours are an exquisitely attractive car, sure to flood enthusiasts with nostalgia.

For those preferring a track-day car, this Escort has been constructed to a tarmac rally spec, so you can keep it pristine taking it out for a burn round a circuit whilst you acquaint yourself with this little slice of motoring history.

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