Long lost Bullitt Mustang found in Mexico 0

One of the most iconic cars ever seen on film has been found after missing for nearly fifty years. The Mustang, driven by Steve McQueen in the movie Bullitt, has apparently been discovered hidden away in a Mexican scrap yard.

US news outlets are reporting that the ’68 Ford Mustang has been unearthed by a man named Hugo Sanchez who, after purchasing the car and taking to a specialist dealer with the intention of having it pimped to resemble the car from Gone in 60 seconds, found out that it was actually the missing car that featured in the cult film.

Legend has it that two separate cars were used during filming, which took place on the roads of San Francisco. Once production was wrapped, one was bought was a crew member, the other – which was apparently damaged during the shoot – has been ‘lost’ ever since.

Plans are now afoot to restore the Mustang back to its full glory, hopefully in time for next year’s 50th-anniversary of the movie that starred McQueen alongside Robert Vaughn and Jacqueline Bisset. The car chase scene in particular is regarded by film and car buffs as being one of the greatest ever.

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