How Ford has lasted 100 years in the UK 0

On March 9th 1911 Ford was established in the UK and they haven’t looked back since. This year they celebrate 100 years as a company in the UK. They are the most popular car manufacturer in the UK today.

Many would say that the company has localised itself within the UK. Many can relate to Ford and see it as a “British” type of car, although it’s an American based company. Very soon after Ford began, exports of its cars were sent to the UK.

We take a look at a few reasons why they been so successful this side of the border.


Ford employs roughly 15,000 employees and has 550 dealerships in the UK. There are 4 manufacturing plants in the UK.  Its Dagenham factory is the most known throughout the UK. Ever since it’s opening in 1931 it has produced almost 11 million vehicles. Globally it is one of Ford’s most productive plants. It is one of the iconic institutions in the UK automotive industry.

Great repute

Ford’s immense popularity is represented by the fact that it is the bestselling car in the UK and has been for 39 years. Fiestas were the bestselling car of last year, with it offering great practicality and style. Reviews by many respected automotive experts were full of very high praise. Ford has worked very hard on its reputation and continues not to let down. It is very rare when experts are not praiseworthy of a Ford car.

Always looking to the future

Another reason why Ford has been so successful is due to their developments in technologies for the future. Car’s have become more and more fuel efficient as time as passed with EcoNetic and EcoBoost technologies. Newer engines also emit less and less C02. For all the efficient and environmentally friendly cars, Ford has ensured driving experience is never compromised.

Technologies such as the “Ford PowerShift” and the “Power Starter Button” signify Ford’s excellence. Owners have more convenience, reliability and overall a better experience with their Ford’s.

Dynamics of Ford models have also moved with the times. Fantastic mechanical engineering with the help of advanced technology have made the cars perform tremendously offering better reliability and stability.

Not only this, but other world class technology has been developed to improve safety, in car entertainment amongst many other features.

Major achievements from the company have allowed millions of pounds to be invested into new advances, helping them stay on top. It’s pretty safe to say that Ford have a very bright future.