Ford to invest heavily on electric and hybrid vehicles 0

Ford has been recently investing even more money into the future of our roads, which are hybrid and electric cars.
These specific types of cars have not been dominating our roads as some may have predicted. However they are slowly starting to take the worldwide car market by surprise.

Ford announced yesterday that they would pump more money into electric and hybrid vehicle technology. This clever strategy has been ongoing for a number of years. Ford’s American auto rivals General Motors has also been following the same lead following both companies almost crumbling during the worldwide car crisis in 2008.

Electric and hybrid vehicles are the future. Consumers are increasingly worrying about the price of fuel. Prices are now at an all time high with many being drivers being priced off the roads. The problem at the moment is simply the starting cost of both types of vehicles. Since the technology is quite new and relatively fresh the high price and research and development has been passed onto the price tags of vehicles. This has put many consumers off. As mentioned earlier prices have slowly lowered as more and more customers are purchasing such vehicles.
Ford have new spending spree will go towards more research and development along with extra facilities. Ford’s new investment will go towards extra engineers too. 60 were taken on last year with Ford having 1,000 engineers on electric technology alone.

Ford will also work on more sophisticated battery systems. It has been reported that $135 million will go towards the design and engineering of various elements within the electric battery. This is one of the most pivotal yet most difficult elements of electric and hybrid car design.
More space and extra facilities are needed with Ford’s research and development. Ford plan to make a 285,000 square foot Research and

Development facility in Dearborn the centre of their hybrid and electric vehicle research.
On top of improving technology that already exists, Ford will be working on developing new technology at the same time. Suppliers will be cut down with Ford developing their own technology.

The days of Ford releasing mass amounts of electric and hybrid vehicles like they do for normal passenger vehicles is a long way off. Ford’s recent mass investment is certain to go a long way in helping that target being met sooner.