Ford presents their 350th millionth vehicle 0

Ford has reached a huge landmark by creating their 350th millionth vehicle. It was a Ford Focus and was presented in Thailand, at their manufacturing plant in Rayong.

The Thailand car market is emerging and has a great deal of potential.

John Fleming, the Ford executive vice president of global manufacturing said “Producing 350 million vehicles is equivalent to producing one vehicle every 10 seconds for our 109-year history. If placed end to end, the vehicles would stretch to the moon and back twice”

The manufacturing plant costs $450 million with great high expectations sitting on it’s shoulders. It has only been open since May. The main aim was for Ford to develop the Focus there, being the most popular car for the company within the local market. In total the model is built around five different countries.

Importing the vehicle from Ford’s main base in North America would certainly prove to be too costly. Developing vehicles locally would allow the car to priced at a cheaper rate on the Thai market. The pricing on the market is all important, being a major factor as to whether customers will purchase a vehicle, even more so than in developed car markets.

The Ford Focus has managed to sell an outstanding 489,616 units already throughout the first six months of the year. The closet competition to that is the Toyota Corolla, managing to shift around 462,187 units.

The company reached the 1 million mark back in 1915 with the Model T. Ford sold 10 million cars in 1924 with the same car and 1959 saw the landmark of 50 million being reached with the Galaxie. In 1978, the Fairmount Futura was the 100 millionth milestone and 1979 saw the 150 millionth Ford car produced with the Mustang. The Ford 2004 Mustang was the company’s 250th vehicle that was produced. Now Ford has produced their 350th millionth vehicle with the Focus.

The brand new 2013 Ford Mustang looks like it will be the best ever. It has a full redesign giving the car more aero dynamic features and a more aggressive look. It will have a 3.7 litre V6 engine that achieves 19 MPG in the city and 31 MPG on the motorway.

Ford will be extremely pleased with their exceptional achievement of producing 350 million vehicles. They will hope to reach 500 million in no time.