Ford avoid rare earth usage 0

Ford is avoiding the use of rare earth in order to make the company more economical. They are saving around 227,000 kg of rare earth materials every year. There are also savings on the cost of developing each car at the same time. The change has come from Ford’s new electric batteries.

Rare earth materials are used in hybrid and electric cars developed by Ford. The much anticipated inclusion of lithium ion batteries within their Fusion hybrid and C-Max hybrid has been a long time coming. The previous batteries were made out of nickel metal hydride. These batteries were outdated and needed plenty of rare earth materials to be used.

Although the move will only save approximately hundreds of dollars every year for every car, a minuscule amount for a company like Ford, every penny counts right now for the company. Losses in Europe are currently at record highs.

The new Ford C-Max will be a brand new addition to the American market. It is expected to be a big hit in the market, achieving a massive 47 MPG, a decent rating even for a hybrid. The compact hybrid is expected to start at $25,995.  The Toyota Prius has been the world’s best selling hybrid for the last few years. The C-Max is set to give it some very strong competition in the United States.

Ford’s electric battery savings reports come as it has been reported that General Motors are losing a substantial amount of sales of their Volt vehicles. Each Chevrolet costs $40,000. Sales are currently nowhere near the high expected targets. Production of the car has never been consistent with the company finding it difficult to make sales. The exact amount of losses per sales has not yet been officially stated but they are known to be substantial.

The difference of costs between the two batteries used in each car should not be compared. Both cars are completely different in terms of performance.

Ford’s recent rare earth material withdrawal will do wonders it’s reputation amongst green companies. Many are concerned at how the car industry is effecting the environment, despite vehicles being made to emit less carbon emissions. The rare earth materials that Ford will avoid the use of include cerium, praseodymium, and lanthanum.

Will Ford’s new batteries do the trick to help the C-Max hybrid catch up with the Prius hybrid?