Alan Mulally sending out a message to Europe 0

The Ford CEO Alan Mulally has been promoting the company in Amsterdam as part of their “One Ford” strategy. He clearly outlined his intentions of the scheme expanding faster across the region under the slogan “Go Further”.

The idea of the One Ford strategy is to base all vehicles that are released around the world upon the same type of platform. Individual markets would not have Ford vehicles especially catered to their needs. It is a way of greatly reducing complexity within the company. Perhaps most importantly it is a great method of reducing the company’s costs, which are going downhill a great deal in Europe.

It is no wonder that Ford are looking to do something fast within Europe. Mass European car producers are making losses in the region. This includes the likes of Vauxhall, Peugeot and Renault. Many are surprised that Ford have found themselves involved in the dire situation.
Technology will go a long way into helping the company rebuild in Amsterdam. The 1.0 litre EcoBoost engine which runs on petrol is one of the biggest revelations in the automotive industry in recent times. It’s economical but at the same time is able to produce power like no other 1.0 litre engine.

In car technology will see a great boast with the introduction of SYNC technology. This has been a great success in the United States after it’s original run was not so much of a success. Ford have updated the system and have turned it’s reputation around, meaning there is no better time for it be to introduced to the European region. MyKey will be a very attractive prospect to parents. This particular feature pre-determines the car’s performance before it is set on the road.

The brand new Ford Fiesta is set to receive all three of these features. The new EcoBoost engine will reduce fuel consumption by 20 per cent. The 1.0 litre engine will come in two different variations of 65 BHP and 80 BHP. This was unveiled at the event by Mr Mullaly.
The Ford Fiesta ST will come with a 182 BHP engine. From 0 – 62 MPH the car will record a time of 6.9 seconds. This too was presented at the event along with the brand new Ford Mondeo. The estate, four and five door versions were showcased. The new Mondeo will also adopt the 1.0 litre EcoBoost engine. That itself shows that Ford are adopting their “One Ford strategy” more aggressively.