A look back the Ford Capri Mk1 (1969 – 1979) 0

Today we take a look back at the first incarnation of one of Ford’s most iconic coupes: The Ford Capri Mk1.

The mid-sized four-seater coupe forged a new European market for ‘pony’ cars and left its rivals stumbling around in its wake as they attempted to invent suitable competitors. The Capri was a flawless equation; combining fantastic styling, with simple, efficient mechanics, and a dazzling marketing campaign. Consumers couldn’t get enough of it, and for the ten years it was in production, showrooms were packed.

The strap-line that Ford advertised the Mk1 with was wonderfully effective – ‘The car you always promised yourself’. Five years later and 1.5 million had realised that promise, adding a Capri Mk1 to their lives.

Unashamedly inspired by the Ford Mustang, buyers weren’t put off by the fact it was a close relation to the Cortina and Escort, albeit dressed up in very flashy attire. Similar to the Zephyr and Zodiac Mk4, the bonnet was long – although not as long as its executive car cousin, the engine bay was big enough to fit the ‘Kent’ 1.3- and 1.6-litre engines with space left over. It could also fit the Zephyr and Corsair’s V4 2-litre unit easily.

Out of all the editions of the Capri, the Mk1s are undoubtedly the most memorable (and most valuable). Available as the performance focused 3000GT, the more luxury orientated 3000E and from 1972, the 3000GXL, the cars were extremely attractive propositions for their time, with a 0-60mph time of under 9 seconds and a top speed in the region of 120mph. The three-litre editions were only outgunned by more expensive cars. Top models were distinguishable by the bonnet bulges until 1972, when the smaller engine versions were brought alongside.

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