A history of the Ford Escort – from Mk1 to Mk7 (Mark 7) 0

A-history-of-the-Ford-Escort-from-Mk1-to-Mk7-Mark-7And so, our look back at Ford’s popular hatchback of yesteryear comes to an end. It’s been an interesting journey, starting the way it did, as a breath of fresh air in the late 60’s – trailblazing its way across terrain as diverse and different as rally tracks, to council estates, from town centre high streets, to the deserts of Mexico, the early editions of the Escort wiped the floor with the competition before tailing off steeply towards the end, with regards to build quality and performance (The last three generations being pretty rubbish if truth be told). And so, as the sun sets on our nostalgic reminisce, we hammer a final nail in the Escort coffin, by looking at the…

Ford Escort Mark VII (1995 – 2000)

Like its predecessor, the Mark VI, this was to all intents and purposes a Mark V that had been slightly updated with different trim levels and engines.

Two models that stood out were the Ghia X; this had air-con and a CD changer as standard – very futuristic at the time – and the GTi, the sole European Ford to sport a GTi badge. It wasn’t remarkable really though, as it was effectively a RS2000 bodykit fitted with a 115bhp Zetec (oh dear). What was remarkable about the GTi however, were the wheels – as the picture above demonstrates. And when we say remarkable, that doesn’t necessarily mean good…

A sad end to a historic line-up? A trio of plasticky, rattly hatchbacks which are now all but extinct?

Possibly, but every great car has its dodgy editions. The Escort can best be thought of like Elvis: Marks I and II – Sun Records era, Marks III and IV – Comeback Special, then V, VI, and VII – the Vega years.

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