A history of the Ford Escort – from Mk1 to Mk7 (Mark 6) 0

A-history-of-the-Ford-Escort-from-Mk1-to-Mk7-Mark-6Today is the penultimate chapter of our look back at the various generations of the Ford Escort. It’s fair to say, as the vehicle evolved, it didn’t necessarily improve. Marks I and II were fine vehicles, highly popular, trailblazers of their times, but by the time we got to Marks IV and V, things had got pretty shonky. The Mark V in particular was a terrible example. So as twilight began to glint on the Escort range, we today look at the second to last edition of the iconic hatchback. It’s the…

Ford Escort Mark VI (1992 – 1995)

There’s not so much to say about the Mark VI other then Ford simply took the Mark V and made it less terrible (and that wasn’t much of a stretch). So, how did they go about that? For starters they took the 1.6-litre CVH engines and replaced them with Zetecs. The styling was freshened up, and the car’s interiors were of a marginally higher quality – they’d been screwed together a bit better.

Fuel injection became standard across the entire range and crash structures were improved. We started to see the introduction of airbags, and the RS2000 variant was fitted with a 4WD drivetrain. All these improvements aside, it was equated to a fairly bottom of the barrel offering. The interior plastics remained scratchy, and the ride was uneven and wobbly.

In 1993, Ford stopped using the Orion name – this is what Escort saloons had previously been called – and badged them ‘Escort’ too. Cynics might say this was merely a further cost saving exercise.

The Mark VI remained in production for just three years, before being superseded by the final generation. By now though, the sun was well and truly setting on the Escort range.

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