A history of the Ford Escort – from Mk1 to Mk7 0


The Ford Escort is a car that means many different things to many different people.

Through its seven incarnations from 1968 – 2000, the car held multiple identities. From rear wheel drive rally cars bouncing through forests, your first 80’s hot-hatch, or the 90’s diesel that saw the iconic model begin its long goodbye. The Escort will forever be sewn into British motoring folklore.

In honour of the iconic Ford legend of yesteryear, over the next few days we’ll be revisiting each of the Escort’s different guises from Mk1 to Mk7.

So, without any further ado, let us take you back to where it all began, Belgium 1968…


The Brussels Motor Show 1968 heralded the dawn of a new era, as the Escort made its way onto the world stage for the first time. It was originally billed as Ford’s ultra modern replacement for the Ford Anglia, which had long since passed its sell by date.

It’s highly adaptable size – small, yet large enough to accommodate a family and their entire luggage – twinned with an affordable price tag made it an immediate best seller. In a very short space of time, Ford had sold over two million of them.

The Macpherson strut suspension, plus rack-and-pinion steering put it at the zenith of the lucrative family car market, but a secret alter-ego pushed the Escort up several notches…

You see, the Escort actually made for a ludicrously good rally car. After the renown Twin Cam won the Circuit of Ireland Rally in 1968, surprising a few people in the process, it subsequently went on to win pretty much everything, everywhere.

Of all the victories that followed, and there were a lot of them, perhaps the most memorable was the London-Mexico World Cup Rally of 1970. Won by Hannu Mikkola, other Escorts took 3rd, 5th, 6th and 8th places. To commemorate the success, we were given the Ford Escort Mexico.

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