2017s most hotly anticipated cars 15-The Ford GT 0

Our look ahead to 2017’s most anticipated releases from the motoring world gathers considerable pace today, as we scrutinise perhaps the most hotly anticipated supercar. It’s the…

Ford GT

There’s no getting away from it, the imminent arrival of the GT has had enthusiasts in fervour for some time now. There are a multitude of reasons for the excitement; most of them being the fact that the 2016 Le Mans class has consigned to the history books. This year’s road car equivalent will have to step up to the plate if it’s to assume the ‘superstar’ mantle of its track racing sibling. Coming in at a price double that of the previous Ford GT; the new road edition certainly has some big shoes to fill.

This time round, we’re treated to a turbocharged V6 instead of a V8, and a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox instead of a manual, plus the most ‘out there’ aero of any road car that comes to mind.

The initial photography of the Ford GT shows a stunning looking vehicle, and if the GT matches what’s displayed in the pictures, the demands of the enthusiasts will be met with room to spare.

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