The Ford Classic in India 0

The Ford Classic is central to the company’s plans in India. It is their latest model, in a rebranding exercise that has seen the Fiesta badge dumped on what is a sedan model. The Classic certainly looks as if it will make a huge impact on the Indian car market with a great deal of standard features included, a wonderful looking exterior and that all important competitive price tag (a very significant attribute needed to succeed in India especially)

The Ford Classic will typically not go without strong competition. The Mahindra Verito will prove to be extremely attractive to the Classic’s target market. Cabin space is lot larger, meaning there is more space for families. A newer more revitalised version is expected to hit the Indian car market to rival the Ford Classic’s elegant look and more luxurious interior.

Features such as Bluetooth connectivity within the Ford Classic make it perhaps the best value for money family sedan on the car Indian market.

The Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire is also set to have it’s say. The car will come cheap as the duty has been reduced thanks to it’s small length. The Indian car market may take to this vehicle as it is basically a Suzuki Swift but just with a boot. The Swift is a highly popular vehicle in India with a decent reputation. Space wise the Ford Classic just has a bit more.

The Ford Classic has a great advantage with it’s excellent driving ability. Handling and comfort are said to be of excellent standards too.

The Tata Indigo Manza is another rival that Ford has to watch out for. It will simply be a sedan version of the small car which they currently have released on the market, following the same principle as the Maurti Suzuki Swift DZire. The vehicle is inferior to the Ford Classic in terms of miles per gallon. However in terms of practicality as well as comfort the Manza is far superior compared to all cars mentioned.

Despite this particular segment of the car market, after reviewing all rivals it is clear that the Ford Classic has the edge. The Indian car market is a very tough place to compete at the moment as it is one of the best emerging markets in the world.  Ford are one of the leaders in terms of foreign car companies in India, but they will have to keep coming up with fresh ideas.