News of the upcoming Ford Kuga 0

The Ford Kuga is not the most glamorous vehicle bit is quite a successful one in its specific market segment.

Will slot in anywhere

This time round the Ford Kuga is expected to appeal to further car markets across the world. Designers carried out research from round the world, attempting to discover ways of allowing the car to appeal to a variety of countries. Every country has a different type of demand when it comes to what they desire within their vehicles. Have Ford combined them all in one with the brand new Ford Kuga?

Many different packages

Well there a variety of trims available. Perhaps certain colour schemes and specific packages are targeted at specific countries. Asian countries prefer lighter colours within the interior. European countries prefer a darker colour inside the cabin. Uniquely there is a Ginger colour offered with a pale green reflection which be made available worldwide. This is hoped to attract customers who enjoy taking trips to the great outdoors.

What type of car is the Ford Kuga?

The Ford Kuga is quite a difficult car to class. It is not quite a family saloon yet not quite a fully fledged Sports Utility Vehicle. Many describe it as more of a compact type of SUV. It’s almost like having a space cruiser without the unnecessary bulk. In that sense the car can relate to both the American and the European car market. Around the world many are opting for a car that is more sensible and reliable rather than a gas guzzling coupe, another reason as to why the car will come across as more attractive.

Practicality is the key

Practicality is a trait that will be desired anywhere in the world. That’s why the Ford Kuga has that in abundance. This includes a larger boot and a hands free automatic tailgate system. The seats will be neatly folded down with the touch of a button instead of having to use an annoying lever. Ford’s SYNC system is also set to be included as an optional extra. This will contact the emergency services during the event of an accident.

When can I buy one?

It is expected to go on sale before the end of the year here in the United Kingdom. Prices along with other details have not yet been released.