Ford Focus RS 0

A new Ford Focus RS will be available in the future with tremendous improvements . This has been revealed by Gunnar Herrmann, who is in charge of producing small cars for Ford that a new generation will indeed be made.

The most exciting development is the boost in power, with the car being the most powerful version ever built. The turbocharged EcoBoost 2.0 engine is said to have the capability of developing 380bhp. That figure easily beats the 301 bhp developed from the 2.5 litre turbo and the special edition Focus RS500. The car is likely to reach 0-60mph in just 5.5 seconds. That would be quicker than the recorded time for the RS500 too.

However the car is a long off release, perhaps another two years. According to rumours, a three door hatchback is unlikely. However a two-door coupe hasn’t been ruled out.

The car will still be a front wheel drive it has been mentioned. Gunnar Herrmann is quoted as saying “I think we stay with our two-wheel-drive which I think was well executed”.  It would seem that a rear wheel drive car would be literally impossible to contemplate, as it would completely change the dynamics of the vehicle.  There have been rumours that the car will be hybrid too. Again that would be seemingly impossible.

The car when released could possibly be made available globally, including in North America not just in European countries. However its target markets have not been confirmed. North America has certainly got a demand for the Ford Focus RS, as it has previously not been made available there. It is one of the best and most powerful Ford cars available, with fans over in America keen for the new RS to be sold there too.  Ford will be making a huge statement if the car was released in the USA. It would appear that Ford have confidence that the car would be a global success.

New suspension will be implemented within the car to help optimise its performance and handle the immense power. Effectively the new suspension, which will be of Ford’s RevoKnuckle design, will produce less torque steer.

However although it has been anticipated that the Focus RS as a matter of fact be 2 years away from being released, the ST version of the Focus and the Fiesta is due to be displayed the Frankfurt motor show later this year.