Ford Fiesta RS not on the cards 0

All sorts of interesting snippets are emerging from the Geneva Motor Show – now open to the public – in the Swiss city.

As well being a showcase event for car makers to herald their new releases, the prestige motoring event is also used as an enormous press conference by company execs, to announce all the news hot off the press.

Matthias Tonn, Ford Fiesta ST Chief programme engineer has poured water on any speculation about the prospect of an RS edition of the popular small car. Of the possibility he said: “there was always room in the range, but we won’t develop it”.

An RS version of the last generation Fiesta was frequently rumoured but never came to fruition. Tonn said the same can be expected of the new edition.

He went on to say that a model similar to the last Fiesta ST200 was a possibility in this generation, but if it was to be released, it would towards the end of its life, and was not on the drawing board yet. Indeed the Fiesta ST itself is still a year away from production, with development work still in process.

The car maker will also keep its close relationship with Mountune, but they have not been involved so far in developing their own version of the new Fiesta ST.

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