Ford Evos -the start of a new generation 1

Check out the spectacular new supercar from Ford. It has a very striking look, when it’s idle or driving. What is most outstanding is perhaps the way the doors open, some may mistake it for something out of Transformers. The car is said to be as long as the Ford Focus and as wide as the Ford Mondeo. This is an interesting choice of design which may make the car more flexible.

For all of that anticipation and excitement, the car will not enter production at any stage. However fans can take heart from the car. Ford will use the Evos as a statement of their intentions for future designs. By the look if the Evos, there are sure to be many great and interesting designs from Ford in the future. Apparently the design of the new Ford Mondeo will be heavily influence by the Evos.

The Evos, like future cars, will be powered purely on electricity, making the car economical.

The interior is also very unique and immediately catches your attention. Everywhere, including the rear are sport bucket seats. Many would say that the inside has a mild and interesting Sci-Fi /spaceship feel to it.

The car is meant to signify the start of a new generation for the company. Already many have described it as the new “Ford Capri”. However Ford is adamant that is not the case. Perhaps a replacement for the iconic Capri is yet to come.

If the car was to be released, drivers would have been able to connect to computers from home work, listen to their favourite music, use satellite navigation system, and adjust pre-set air conditioning settings plus more, with the use of “Cloud Technology”.  This piece of technology will hold data on cloud servers and appears to be very personal to the drive, which Ford has said will be implemented within their future cars.

An amazing concept that many wish was made reality. The car will certainly attract plenty of interest when displayed at the Frankfurt Motor Show, with it being Ford’s major show piece.

Is the body shell too aggressive? Does it look slightly odd? We will have to wait and see how much influence the Evos will really have.