Ford’s Escape route 0

The 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show is set to get a preview of the new generation Ford Escape. Being 10 years old, the SUV was in need of a makeover.It would appear that the car has taken inspiration from the Ford Vertrek concept, which was seen at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show at the beginning of the year.

Updated Ecoboost enginesc

There will be three brand new engines available with the range. The 2.5 Litre four cylinder engine will remain in the array of choices as expected, but with updated technology. There will be two new Ecoboost engines which in effect replace the 1.6 Litre and the 2.0 Litre available with the current models. The V6 option will also be made obsolete.

Ecoboost are engines designed to be more economical, emitting less C02 and saving money on fuel. It works by combining direct injection and turbocharging technology. Ford are said to hold an astonishing 125 patents on the technology.

The engines will be of the size in terms of litres with the 2.0 Litre offering 237 BHP and the 1.6 litre being more economical than the current hybrid version. The new and improved 2.0 engine variant is anticipated to be the most popular of the lot, with the performance being the best of the whole range.

Although the car will be initially manufactured in Europe, it will not be released in the UK. That news shouldn’t come as a surprise, as the car is large and designed for American roads. It is of a similar size the Range Rover Evoque, with 7 seats over three rows. Demand for the Ford Escape in this country as well as many others throughout Europe will be high enough to suffice the release of the vehicle.

The vehicle is known for its towing prowess. It is expected to come with four wheel drive and all-wheel drive capabilities. The six speed automatic transmission will help the car’s green credentials too.

Will scrapping the idea of hybrid technology and converting to Ecoboost engines pay off? The full revamp of engines is considered a risk from the company. Either way fans of the current Ford Escape surely can’t wait for its release next year. America usually does everything bigger but will be better?