What makes the Ford KA so interesting? 0

The Ford KA is one of the talked about cars in the whole nation. It’s catches people’s interest, thanks to many reasons. It’s seen as one the most popular small cars in the whole of the UK. Starting production in the mid 1990’s, it is now 15 years old and in its second generation.

The car is popular throughout the world but it has tremendous success in the UK. When first introduced, it was dubbed an affordable city car that was stylish at the same time.  For a number of years it was not only one of Ford’s best selling cars, but reached the top of the list on many occasions as one of the best selling cars in the UK.

We take a look at exactly why the Ford KA is so successful in our in depth look at the car in this article.

Low cost

The main attraction of the KA was its low cost to purchase and very cheap to maintain too.  A great car for first time drivers as well as it’s cheap to insure and easy to run.

Lasting Power

In 15 years only 2 generations have been made, a testament to the quality of the first build. It wasn’t until 2003, 8 years after it had been made, that changes were made. A 1.3 Duratec engine, 1.6 SportKa and a 1.6 StreetKa convertible were the extra models offered at this point in time. Only in 2008 did the Ford Ka get a completely new makeover with a generation upgrade.


The older generation has remarkable looks and was a great attribute to how long the vehicle managed to last for. Instantly recognisable and loved by many, the car looks very stylish for a car of its class. The second generation received a complete revamp and was made more aerodynamic and modern. However it managed to keep some of the old design, keeping it relevant

There are many reasons as to why the Ford Ka was and continues to be an extremely popular car. What we have discussed within this article is just a snippet of many factors of how the KA has done well. It is sure to have continued success in the UK for many years to come.