The new Ford Fusion helping you stick to your lane 0

We have a great bit of news for American Ford Fusion fans in today’s article. News from across the Atlantic states that the new version of the car destined for America this year will have an all new “Lane Assist” system, dramatically increasing the cars safety credentials.

Not usually associated with non-luxury cars

You may have heard of this type of technology before. But you may not have heard of it being installed within a car such as the Ford Fusion, as it is usually associated with vehicles on the higher end of the scale such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

Detroit Motor Show

Ford are clearly pushing the boat out to ensure that the Ford Fusion is one of the most desirable family cars on the American market. The vehicle will be showcased at the Detroit Motor Show later this month. Inside will be the Lane Keeping System technology, which will naturally be available only as an optional extra. This will surely be one of Ford highlights at the Motor Show.

Ford are one of the front runners when it comes to safety technology. It is one of the main reasons as to why they are at the forefront of the family car segment within the global car market.

Lane Assist Technology

The Lane Assist technology in question consists of three components stated below:

  • Lane Keeping Alert
  • Lane Keeping Aid
  • Driver Alert

When the car is driving at speeds of 40 miles per hour and above, the camera neatly installed in the windshield will detect any failure of the car to stick within its particular lane.

What each setting does

Setting the system to Lane Keeping Alert is a great way of manually adjusting yourself back into lane when needed. Not only does this setting provide a signal visually that the car is swinging out of lane, but it also sends a vibration down to the steering wheel. The Lane Keeping Aid setting will steer the car automatically back into lane when necessary.  During events like these drivers usually need to take a rest. This is also monitored and a coffee cup is displayed when the system recognises that the driver may need to take a break.

This is a great improvement to already what is a great car. We hope that it makes it way here to the UK too.