The new American Ford C-Max more economical than ever 0

The new Ford C-Max Hybrid will produce better economy figures than ever according the American automotive giants. The new hybrid installed engine will achieve a tremendous 45.4 miles per gallon, a remarkable economical feat. If that is true, that will surely be a game changer within this particular car segment.

Ford has stated that the new C-max will achieve 47 MPG in the City and 44 MPG on the motorway, great figures for a five door family passenger car. (Figures are American based). European tests are yet to occur.
Raj Nair, the Vice president of Ford Global Product Development released a statement on the matter saying “The C-MAX Hybrid builds on

Ford’s 20 years of hybrid innovation and fuel-efficient offerings to take on Prius v with better city fuel economy at 47 mpg and at better value – a great chance for us to shake up the hybrid market,”
The new Ford C-Max hybrid will be extremely significant for the company. It will be the first of the set of passenger hybrid vehicles to be released by the company, a move which Ford have been long overdue many believe. Other electric vehicles that Ford plan to release include the C-Max Energi, the Ford Focus electric, the Fusion Hybrid as well as the Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid.

The car will have a starting price of $25,995 – which equals to £23,000 – £25,000.The vehicle is available to order from selected dealerships. The new C-Max Hybrid is currently being produced at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne.
Ford’s fleet vehicles are 1 per cent electrified. These sets of vehicles include the Ford Transit Connect Electric. That figure of 1 per cent will be increased to 10 – 25 per cent by the year 2020 it is estimated.

Performance figures are still up in the air at present. It is believed however that the new Ford C-Max hybrid will be able to achieve figures of 188 BHP from it’s 2.0 litre engine. That’s quite an incredible figure considering that the C-Max will be part electric and mostly a family/passenger type of vehicle.
It looks as if the Toyota Prius has a very strong challenger in the Ford C-Max hybrid. There is no doubting that Toyota are the world’s number ones, with hybrid Prius’ now seen everywhere. We believe that Ford have every chance of knocking the Prius off their perch.