The Ford Easy Fuel System 0

Ford is one of the major players when it comes to developing sophisticated automobile technology. They have recently announced their latest addition to the range, an “Easy Fuel System”. This is said to be so sophisticated that thieves of vehicles will caught and that no Ford owner will ever make a fuelling mistake again.

Within the Ford Mondeo, Ford Focus and the Ford Fiesta

Easy Fuel technology is a standard feature upon the new Ford Fiesta, Ford Mondeo and Ford Focus. Andy Barratt, the Sales Director of Ford Britain said “Our novel Easy Fuel feature ensures that Ford owners put the right fuel in their car, another customer benefit is that it acts as a deterrent by slowing down the fuel thief.”

Prevent miss-fuelling and thieves

Ford’s Easy Fuel system which prevents the expensive mistake of miss-fuelling is also proving a deterrent to petrol and diesel thieves, according to the company.

The theft of fuel has increased by 25 per cent over the past year. 4,500 cases were reported last year here in the UK.

How the security works

Ford’s Easy Fuel System has extra layers of security within which will prevent forced entry upon the fuel entry.

The flap is enclosed by two separate latches which are only released with a normal sized fuel nozzle. Once this is inserted correctly, the flap opens using springs. Once the fuelling procedure is complete and the nozzle is removed, the flap automatically closes.

Ford’s technology contained an inhibitor which is patented to the company. Other car makers must improvise and develop a unique type of system if they are to recreate such methods.  The inhibitor has a fuel nozzle detector that acts as a pathway to allow the nozzle to get into the correct position in order to fuel.

In order to prevent miss-fuelling, the latches will not unlock if the incorrect nozzle is inserted. For example, if a petrol nozzle is attempted to be inserted on diesel vehicle the latches will not release.

Ford has also created a refuelling vapour recovery system. This stops vapours from escaping during the refuelling process. This works through detecting the pressure of liquid fuel as it passes along.

This is a very refreshing piece of technology which Ford has developed. Since Ford has patented their technology, how will other car manufacturers go about developing the same system?