Ford MyKey can dictate the way your children drive 0

Ford MyKey is a new piece of technology that restricts the car to using certain pre-defines settings. Parents worried about the way their children drive around now have a solution.  

Passing your driving test brings about great joy and excitement amongst young drivers. For all of that great anticipation of driving, parents are very worried about their children’s safety.

The MyKey technology main benefit is that children will not have their independence being taken away.

The idea is certain not to be popular with most teenagers. It may offer a huge incentive for them to purchase their own car instead of driving the family car. The technology will ultimately teach drivers better values and how to drive much safer. Fuel efficiency could be improved, with calmer driving being required upon the settings.

The technology has been used in America for different purposes. It is expected to arrive in the UK next year and be installed on the Ford Fiesta. Thereafter every Ford Fiesta will have the technology available.

With younger drivers being involved in a lot of accidents, the MyKey technology appears to be a step in the right direction for improving road safety standards.

Main features will include

  • Top speed being limited to 80mph

A warning sound will be present when the car exceeds a pre-programmed limit.

  • Seatbelts

A warning sound will be present when seatbelts are not fitted on.

  • Maximum volume on the stereo being set
  • Locking the electronic stability control system
  • Locking the safety lane feature

This presents a warning sound whenever the car strays out of lane.

  • Locking the blind spot system
  • Locking the active city stop
  • Sound warnings of low fuel
  • The emergency services are notified automatically in an event of a crash

It’s certainly not the answer to all reckless driving committed by younger drivers. Drivers can still force to the car to burst out accelerating and break the speed limit on any road. Ideally, this sort of technology shouldn’t be needed. Instead young drivers should have some driving education making them fully aware of consequences of dangerous driving. Unfortunately that wouldn’t work on many young drivers.