Ford is joining the social conversation 0


The social media revolution… for your car.

Ford’s connectivity system SYNC AppLink welcomes a new app that allows drivers to get their social media fix in a “safe and stress-free way”. Joining forces with social media application Meople, users will be able to access and control their social communications via their smartphone.

Social media is a major part of our lives and thanks to the birth of the smartphone, we can consume information wherever we are. Users want a steady stream of updates from their accounts, whether that’s whilst they’re at the computer, queuing in a shop, or driving to work. Technology in cars is also on the rise, so it was inevitable that the two would collaborate. This is precisely Ford’s vision.

“For many people today, social media is fundamental to staying up-to-date and informed,” says Don Butler, executive director of Ford’s Connected Vehicle and Services division. “From a reminder that it’s a friend’s birthday, to hearing the minute your football teams scores a goal, to breaking news, social media is part of the fabric of modern life.”

Ford has teamed up with the people at to create Meople.Connector, which will allow drivers to listen, answer and skip updates using voice command. The existing Meople app links all your social media accounts together for one efficient stream of content. Popular sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube can be connected, so you can enjoy all your feeds in one place. The two companies have taken this original premise and gone a step further.


Users will be able to control their updates with voice commands like “read”, “skip”, and “answer”. The latter of which will have pre-written, customised messages so they can respond without being distracted. Drivers will also be able to select how often updates are received and have the option to announce their location. The new app will allow drivers to stay connected without taking their eyes off the road, or their hands off the wheel.

SYNC AppLink already has voice activation applications, like Spotify and Radioplayer, but Meople.Connector will be Ford’s first app to cater for social media. “By adding further news and personal communications, we are helping to ensure customers stay seamlessly connected throughout their day in a safe and stress-free way” says Butler.

If your Ford is equipped with SYNC AppLink, download the new Meople.Connector app now, which is available for iOS and Android.