Ford integrate Slacker radio system 1

Ford drivers will be able to use an all new Slack Radio Application within their car. It’s an application that is Voice controlled through SYNC AppLink.

Essentially, Slacker Radio hooks up with a number of Smartphone applications enabling Ford to utilise it as an In-car feature

What does Slacker Radio offer? It’s personalised to the owner so that a wide range of personalised music and information is offered through radio services.

There are other SYNC compatible smartphone apps available at present. This is the latest in the line-up of entertainment options available with SYNC AppLink.

Doug VanDagens

Doug VanDagens, the Director of Ford Connected Services explained the benefits of using Ford SYNC AppLink. He said “Customers now have so many options for accessing music and information. Ford SYNC AppLink allows us to not only keep pace with what they are listening to, but how they are listening to it,”

“With its huge music library, Slacker Radio dramatically increases the content options for Ford drivers.”

Steve Cotter

Steve Cotter, the Senior Vice President of Business Development at Slacker Radio highlighted how the Slack Radio system personalises the driver’s musical experience and radio reports within the cabin. He said “Slacker listeners can create their own custom stations by selecting their favourite artists and songs, or listen to any of more than 150 stations curated by expert DJs who love the music they play,”

“When they’re not in the mood for music, Slacker listeners can tune in to a wide variety of personalized talk content including personalized comedy, ABC News and ESPN Radio stations.”

 Safety first

Ford’s SYNC connectivity system allows drivers to access apps through their smart phones simply by using their voice. It’s a very clever piece of technology which is made even better by having the ability to integrate smart phones. This is certainly the way forward in terms of in car entertainment. It also enhances Ford’s safety technology too. Controlling the entertainment system through voice commands is a lot safer than taking your eyes off the road and pressing various buttons.

We hope that the Ford SYNC system travel across the Atlantic Ocean to the UK so we are able to one day benefit from the new Ford Slacker Radio application.