Ford Focus MK II prices revealed in Australia 0

Ford Australia has released their pricing along with all specifications of the latest Focus MK II model which is set to hit showrooms on August 1st.

Recently the Ford Focus MK II has seen a shift of production from Germany to Thailand. This has opened the door for greater advanced technology to be included within the vehicle. The new model will include Ford’s famous SYNC system, which is a hands free interactive in car system, across all models. The Titanium and Sport models will receive a standard rear view camera.
Ford’s SYNC system allows motorists to talk on the phone whilst driving, in the safest manner possible.

The Titanium edition will be $750 more expensive than the previous version. The Ambiente, Trend and Sport have not increased in price and remain the same.

There have been radical changes to the line-up this time round. This includes Ford completely cutting off the diesel Titanium, the petrol Sport and the diesel Sport. There are now only 14 models to choose from. The Sport models will now only be made available as a Hatchback.

Active Grille Shutters, which we here in the UK are used to seeing, have been included. This simple yet extremely beneficial piece of technology shuts the front grilles whenever they are not needed, improving the car’s efficiency and aerodynamics. The drag of the car is also improved, helping the vehicle’s performance along with plenty of other aspects.

The most improved model in terms of efficiency is the 2.0 litre petrol. The rest are unchanged or just see slight improvements in terms of economy.
Motorists will get to utilise ECO mode on the new Ford Focus MK II. The Ambiente version receives new wheel covers. The Sport model gets a brand new alloy wheel design, a sports body kit, with the car now looking more aggressive and attractive. The Sport version also comes with complete leather seats.

Optional safety technology includes Active City Stop which prevents collisions. This clever piece of technology will track the road ahead and brake automatically if a collision is about to occur. This can save lives and greatly improves the safety of passengers and the driver.
The Trend has an optional package costing $300. This includes automatic headlights and wipers, automatically dimming rear view mirrors and what they call “follow me home” lighting.