Ford Flex Titanium AWD Review 0

The Ford Flex Titanium AWD is one the most extraordinary vehicles currently available on the American market. It’s a vehicle especially designed for America, as the sheer size of the car gives away. Today we take a look as to why it is one of the most talked about cars in the American automotive industry.

Design kept the same

It has improved a great deal since it’s introduction in 2008, where it failed to hit the ground running. The design hasn’t changed much however, with Ford believing that the car still has plenty to offer in terms of looks. They felt that the look of the car didn’t need to altered much as it is one the car’s most attractive features. It has grown on many over in America and the company decided not to change much.

Appeals to Males

The cars appears to be very intimidating but in a good way. The shiny silver body helps make the car look that bit more attractive. Mixed with a black roof and tinted windows, the car looks as good as it drives. The 20 inch alloy wheels are large but don’t look out of place on the sizeable vehicle, in fact it almost suits it perfectly. It seems to offer an image that appeal to more males. In America, SUV’s are typically associated with Mothers. The body shape and colour certainly helps to remove that particular stigma.


As the size of vehicles suggests, the Ford Flex has plenty of space within. All passengers will sit comfortably with plenty of leg and head room.

The vehicle is very practical too. With the seats folded, a tremendous 2,355 litres of room is available.

It’s big so it can be that fun to drive

Fortunately not. If space is what you need, you’ll have to buy a bus if you require more. Many of you may be thinking that the car does indeed drive like one, considering how big the vehicle is. Another amazing feature about the Ford Flex is that it has the ability of a much smaller car.

If you want a family car that’s practical, fun to drive, great looking and spacious, the Ford Flex will do you proud. It’s also certain to grab attention of others too.