Ford confirm prices of the new Focus ST 0

The highly anticipated Ford ST will have a starting price of £21,995. It will go on sale in just a couple days on the 1st of June.

Great amount of power

The car will have a magnificent amount of power deriving from its 2.0 litre turbocharged engine. In total the car will be able to achieve a magnificent 247 BHP. The power spreads to the front wheels with the car containing a six speed manual gearbox.

Ford Focus ST Estate

The hot hatchback never fails to be one of the bestselling vehicles of its type in the UK. This time round there will be an estate version released too which will cost slightly more at £23,095. Ford estimate that the estate will take up a staggering 40 per cent of overall sales.

Engine downsized and more economical

Previously the Ford ST had a huge 2.5 litre five cylinder engine. This engine had its critics thanks to its thirst for petrol. Ford has now made the ST a lot more economical following criticism last year by downgrading the size. The power of the car has not been compromised despite the economy rising and the engine downsizing. Figures of a 20 per cent improvement have been brandished about. The car is expected to return a magnificent 35 MPG, a very good figure for a speedy type of hatchback.

0 – 62 MPH

Officially Ford has not released that all important 0 – 62 MPH time. Experts believe that the car will reach that speed in only six seconds, a very commendable time indeed.

Changes to the exterior

The looks of the car have been modernised. There are now sportier bumpers and side skirts. The new Ford Focus also has a more aggressive front grille helping the car to stand out. On the inside come Recaro bucket seats and a sportier steering wheel. The spoiler and exhaust pipe have been made larger giving the car a more intimidating type of look.

Trim levels

The trims that came with the previous Ford Focus ST remain. The three trim levels will once again be the ST1, ST2 and the ST3. The ST1 is the entry level trim that comes with keyless go and Recaro sports seats. The ST2 trim has dual-zone climate control along with ST Floor mats. The headlights and wipers are automatic too. At the highest end there will be heated leather electric Recaro seats and bi-xenon headlamps.