Ford Autumn car cleaning tips 0

There’s no escaping the fact Autumn is now upon us with a vengeance. All sorts of nasty stuff is about to rain down upon us from the heavens, covering our nice sparkly cars in muck.

Here are a few tips to ensure when you take to the driveway with your bucket of suds and cloth, your Ford is getting the best possible clean.


· Use a microfibre towel. After you’ve cleaned your car, use a microfibre towel to wipe the water off before it dries. This will prevent spots.

· Wax regularly. It’s important to wax regularly. Otherwise contaminants such as ultraviolet rays, bird droppings, salt, dirt and rain will make the clean coat begin to deteriorate, resulting in your vehicle looking dull and splotchy.

· Clean bugs, watermarks and droppings promptly. Leave them and they harden and are more difficult to remove. They will also eat into your paint.

· Use a razor blade on the windscreen. This is good for getting rid of stuck on bugs or debris.

· Clean the inside of your car whenever you do the exterior.

· Use a high-power vacuum on the interior. This will give it the deep suck a mini-vac just can’t equal.

· Use the proper cleaner. Use upholstery cleaner on fabric, soap and water for leather seats.

· Cotton swabs. Good for getting dust out of air vents and clearing dirt from the various nooks and crannies on your dashboard.

· Wipe your dashboard. Give your dash a dust with a conventional dusting cloth. Alternatively, dab a little olive oil on a coffee filter.

· Hang multi pocket storage bags on the back of seats. This keeps all your clutter in one place.

· Put your change into a pill bottle.

· Use a wicker basket as a boot organiser.

· Put a reminder on your phone to clean your car regularly.


· Wash your car when the sun’s out. The water magnifies the sun’s damaging rays. This can potentially ruin the finish.

· Use household products. Use things like dishwasher soap and it will strip the wax from the car.

· Air-dry your vehicle. This brings up spots.

· Scrub in a circular motion when hand-washing. This will leave faint scratches and noticeable swirl marks. Alternatively, wash in straight lines lengthwise along the car.

· Clean leather seats vigorously. This can remove the dyes.

· Forget about your floor mats. Take them out and give them a good scrub with a light laundry detergent and water.

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