Finally, Ford Sync is coming to the UK 0

We’ve been saying how great it would be if the Ford Sync system came here to the UK but finally it appears that we may get the privilege. The 2013 Ford Focus electric is set to come with the sophisticated in car software. Other models are certain to follow suit in the future.
The Ford Focus electric will be made available throughout the whole of the European region. The announcement was made at IFA 2012. Some are not convinced of Ford’s statement as a similar announcement was made last year, claiming that the Sync system would arrive to this side of the Atlantic quicker than expected.
The Ford Sync system brings about greater interaction between the vehicle and driver. It also promotes safer driving. Drivers are able to write text message through speech and listen to them as the system reads them out. The Sync system can also control various features within including the car temperature, GPS directions and plenty more. Drivers will be able to keep their hands on the wheel rather than on their phone and buttons on the car.

The eight inch touch screen has come under scrutiny in the past for it’s difficult to understand layout and difficulty of use. However Ford have learnt from their mistakes and fixed all problems and bugs with upgrades. The UK will receive the tried and tested Ford Sync system which has proven to be a great success. Wi-Fi will come as a great feature, enabling the use of net powered apps.

However there will be slight differences between the American version and the European version. Various features will be tweaked to suit the region. The Ford Sync UK system is said to come as more enhanced. There will be extra language understandings including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian, Dutch and Turkish.
The driver will be able to speak to the system by giving an address. The navigation system will then locate the destination and begin to navigate the driver. There is no need for a city, postcode and street to be named. The supervisor for infotainment and connectivity of Ford Europe, Jason Johnson said “Voice-activation is a key element of our Sync systems. It simplifies the experience for the customer and simplifies the voice-activation experience to deliver real benefit.”

We believe the Ford Sync system here in the UK will make a tremendous impact on the car market just like it has in the United States.