Feeling sleepy while driving? Ford has the right remedy 0

The Ford Driver Alert System adds to the companies array of new in-car road safety technology.

Being introduced as an addition to the Ford SYNC infotainment system, the new Ford Driver Alert system detects drowsy drivers.


It’s a very intelligent piece of technology from Ford. The direction and movement is closely monitored for unusual and unsteady driving. The lane ahead is scanned by a camera that sits on the windshield. When the car is driving in consistently compared to the lane markings, a coffee cup will appear alongside the speed gauges with a warning sound present too. This is to recommend the driver taking a break. If the driver doesn’t respond appropriately to that, a secondary warning sound is played.

Why wait for the warning sound

Drivers don’t have to await warnings in order to check whether they were driving inconsistently. Drivers are able to check through a monitor on the dashboard beforehand. They are recommended to take a break before reaching a certain level upon the dashboard. This specific information is reset once the engine is switched off or the door is opened.

As you may have guessed, Ford Driver Alert system works in sync with the Lane Keeping System. This is the camera responsible for checking whether the car has drifted lanes. If this does occur, a warning chime will be sounded along with the steering wheel vibrating. The system also helps adjust the vehicle into the correct lane.

Why drive if your tired?

A drowsiness detector will certainly help keep roads safer in the USA. Engadget, a well respected website for the latest technologies have reported on the news. However they say said that drivers shouldn’t even be on the road if they are feeling tired. They were quoted to have said “Furthermore, a camera setup will monitor one’s lane position, and if they drift too far away from the straight and narrow, their steering wheel will vibrate. It all sounds good and well, but the fact that a AAA survey found that over 40 percent of Americans have ‘fallen asleep or nodded off while driving’ makes ‘staying at home’ seem like the sensible choice.”. It’s a statement that makes complete sense and one that we have to agree with.

However it’s safe to say that it will still be a welcome introduction if it was to be released in the UK. The system is expected to slot into the Ford Explorer. Considering that the Ford Explorer is an American vehicle only, it may be a while before we see the Ford Driver Alert System over here.