BlackBerry set to power Ford’s autonomous cars 0

BlackBerry-set-to-power-Fords-autonomous-carsNowadays, you don’t see so many Blackberry handsets out and about, as Smartphone’s have taken total domination of the market. But the Canadian company is far from dead in the water; its technology has simply been shifted into another and equally connected market.

Blackberry has recently signed a partnership with Ford, to provide the car giant with code that is likely to be used in its autonomous vehicles. The security and operating systems software will be the particular focus.

This collaboration will see Blackberry “dedicate a team” to work with Ford on the QNX Neutrino OS. The operating system will be able to identify – on a display – cars and oncoming objects that are in the vicinity of the self driving vehicle, in addition to maps and aspects of the car’s entertainment system. Ford already has several editions using the QNX code. Blackberry will use its security software as a firewall to prevent the vehicles being hacked.

In September, BlackBerry announced the cessation of its in-house hardware manufacturing and that its attentions would turn solely towards software.

This is another example of a series of deals made recently between car manufacturers and software companies in the pursuit of effective autonomous vehicle technology. GM has purchased Cruise Automation in the past few months, Hertz has entered into a partnership with Uber, and Ford itself has invested £148 million in the coding company, Pivotal.

The American car giant plans to have a fleet of autonomous taxis launched by 2021. Trials conducted earlier this year were deemed extremely successful.

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