American rivals Ford and General Motors commit to Europe 0

Rivals Ford and General Motors have plenty in common. This includes their desire to become the best in the American market as well as their European market slump. Both are struggling across on our shores thanks to the Euro Zone crisis.

Both are set to lose billions of dollars thanks to a dramatic fall in sales. Despite that both are committed to the region and have the desire to bounce back. Many find that quite surprising considering the great losses that both companies are currently experiencing.

Ford’s CEO Alan Mulally recently attended a “Go Further” event to promote the company’s dedication to Europe. He said that the “One Ford” strategy was the way forward. This means that Ford vehicles will not be made specifically for certain car markets. They will instead use a singular platform which will help to reduce costs.

General Motors are in a far worse position than Ford. Vauxhall and Opel have been greatly struggling in Europe. For the past 12 years they have made great losses. General Motors had to retract their breakeven prediction last year.  Expert analysts have backed the idea of General Motors pulling out of Europe altogether. Some have predicted that Opel could lose up to $12 billion in Europe over the next 12 years. Selling the brands at a loss could save money in the long run.

General Motors, like Ford remained committed to their European adventure. Both have outlined a strategy which will mean a more aggressive approach to car technology.

Ford has already announced plans bring over their SYNC technology into Europe. After a rough ride for the first generation of the technology, Ford has achieved great success after a number of fixes and updates. This is sure to be a big hit in Europe. MyKey technology will impress parents. This allows the performance of the car to be predetermined before the vehicle is driven. EcoBoost technology has already been quite a big hit in Europe.

General Motors plans are over the long term. Throughout the next 10 years they plan to introduce an array of new items to the market including new engines, vehicles and technology. They hope to break into segments of the market which they not yet experienced such as the small car sector.

It will be interesting to see how Ford and General Motors fare in Europe this year.