The Ford EcoSport set to arrive in Europe 1

Ford has been announcing that the EcoSport is set to arrive here in the European Region. Originally unveiled at the Delhi Motor Show, the car was originally destined for emerging car markets where sales were expected to be quite high.

The EcoSport has hit markets such as the Brazil and India and will make its way to emerging markets here in Europe. Some sources have suggested that the car will make a good impact in the likes of Russia.

As you can imagine, it is not at all easy for a vehicle to be sold worldwide and suit and wide variety of markets. Ford has thought ahead which is where the “One Ford” program fits in. This strategy ensures that all set vehicles are developed under the same platform and not altered for different types of car markets. The EcoSport shares its platform with the Fiesta and the B-Max.

When the vehicle does arrive here in the UK, we have quite a lot to look forward too. Ford has promised that the EcoSport will come with a great deal of flexibility and practicality of a typical SUV but without the large unnecessary bulk.
The car is quite stylish, coming with a trapezoidal lower grille and a single bar that neatly displays the Ford badge.

We can expect the car to be in two wheel drive form only, considering that the car’s platform is largely based on the Ford Fiesta. We can also expect the engine line-up to mirror that of the Ford B-Max. This will include a 1.6 TDCi diesel, capable of reaching a maximum of 94 BHP. The 1.0 litre three cylinder EcoBoost engine comes in the tune of 99 BHP and 118 BHP. There will be a great deal of safety technology available with the vehicle, as you many of expected from Ford. This includes an anti-lock brake system, Hill launch assist and an electronic stability program.

Ford Sync has managed to make its way over here to the UK and Europe with it going into the new Ford EcoBoost. The in car connectivity voice system which allows drivers to make phone calls or select different music tracks and even text without having to let go of their steering wheel.

Ford’s problems in Europe have been well documented. The Ford EcoBoost could help ease those troubles.