Ford Focus B-Max Concept 0

Earlier this year we saw Ford showing the new B-Max concept at the Geneva Motor Show. It has been confirmed that the car will go on sale as of early next year, to add to the range that already boasts the C-Max.  The multipurpose vehicle market looks set to gain a new entrant. We take a look at the concept and discuss why we think the car will be quite a hit.


The car certainly has a unique look to it, with the design appearing to be influenced by different models already within the Ford range.  The front grill is quite similar to the C-Max with the rest of the car looking like it has recycled features of the Fiesta and Focus. Many experts have said that the car’s platform takes after the Ford Fiesta, with some describing the car as a “Fiesta MPV”. After all of that however, the B-Max turns out to look like quite an attractive car.



The doors open in a very practical way that make getting in the B-Max very accessible to everyone. The rear door slides back to completely with the front door opening to the front which reveals the whole of the car.


From the images shown, the car has a great amount of space for passengers to sit in comfort. The design looks as if there will plenty of headroom and interior images show plenty of legroom for everyone.

Efficient and sustainable

There will be a turbocharged and direct-injected 1.0 Litre engine installed. It will be developed from Ford’s Ecoboost technology, the companies latest innovative technology to reduce fuel costs and cause as less damage to the environment as possible.

Another piece of technology that the B-Max will use to boast its efficiency credentials will be the stop/start system. According to what has been revealed so far, the car will be aerodynamic inspired to make the car more efficient.

Ford rarely goes wrong with their new cars. New models always seem to gain tremendous amounts of popularity and receive high praise from many automotive experts. The direct rival appears to be the Vauxhall Meriva. The B-Max we believe will attract a different type of market for the company, and will succeed in doing so.