The new Ford Fiesta ST Concept 0

The Frankfurt Motor Show is highly anticipated and always seems to create headlines. Ford have managed to spring a surprise this year by introducing a new Ford Fiesta ST concept car at the Frankfurt car show. The unveiling of the new Ford Concept today represents their intentions of creating a higher performance of their Fiesta range.

Did Ford have second thoughts?

It may come as a surprise to many Ford followers .The company have previously stated they wouldn’t release this type of Fiesta, as it will not fulfil the demand that Ford would expect, therefore it would not be sanctioned for release by the appropriate people.

A change of heart stems from a stronger demand from Europe for the Fiesta to make faster and the surprising recent success of the car in the USA. There is already a Fiesta RS being used in the World Rally Championship which would have also added to the justification to put the car into production.

More power

The new Ford Concept is said to be a powerful four cylinder petrol 1.6 litre, outputting 178bhp with  177 lb ft torque. The new Fiesta will also be very efficient with it containing Ford’s Ecoboost technology and a 6 six speed manual gearbox. The stats here eclipse those of the current best performing Fiesta by far, which can output a maximum of 132bhp.

The best looking Fiesta yet

The style of the car looks quite stunning and sporty, making it a very unique type of Fiesta.  The new Ford Concept has a very large front angular front grill, a ST body kit that includes a modified front bumper, roof spoiler and side skirts. There is also a twin exhaust system with 17inch alloy wheels. The interior has Recaro sports seats which suit the sport look and feel that Ford are going for.

When will it released

The Ford is at the concept stage at the moment but is certain to be released officially. It has been mentioned that the car may be available for purchase soon with production beginning next year.


There are many features of the new Ford Fiesta that are appealing to many. We believe that it will be a success when it is released, as there is a huge demand for the car. The handling of the latest Ford Concept is also sure to be as good as the design and performance, which many are certainly looking forward too.