The grass isn’t greener on the other side for Ford 0

Just as we reported that Ford has made a 10th consecutive quarterly profit thanks to success in America, news has emerged that they are not doing so well on the other side of the world. Many different factors have meant that the company’s performance in Europe and Asia has dipped. One of those factors is(…)

Ford taking the SEMA show seriously 0

Ford is to revamp three of the American based models in time for the SEMA show.The Ford F-150, Ford F-350 and the Ford Explorer are set to be revamped and modified for display at the SEMA show from the 1st of November to the 4th in Las Vegas. More than 100,000 fans are expected to(…)

Ford to close St. Paul factory on 19th December 0

It has been confirmed that the Ford Factory in St. Paul is to close just before Christmas on December 19th. Union officials have already been told the news by Ford. United Auto Workers Chairman, Jim Eagle, said that Union Officials were formally given notice of the closure yesterday. After previous delays of shutting the plant(…)

Ford create a website for SYNC technology 0

Ford has displayed the benefits of their SYNC technology within a newly updated website. It shows everyone how Ford SYNC technology has made driving Ford vehicles a lot easier and making a significant difference in their lifestyles to some extent. It is installed in over 3 million vehicles already across the USA. The company expects(…)

Drivers with illnesses to get help from Ford 0

Ford is researching new technology on how to maintain the health and wellness of their drivers. The aim is to offer help to drivers with medical disorders, illnesses or allergies. The driver will be able to connect to the services whilst driving; using the information to speed up their recovery or generally help them cope(…)

The Ford Puma 0

The Ford Puma was quite a unique roadster during its lifespan between 1997 and 2002. Despite its small amount of time on the UK market, it did make quite a great impact and got a lot of fans. We’ll talk about some of its good points. Fun to drive whilst not costing much to purchase(…)

The new Ford Mondeo confirmed 0

Ford have confirmed that a new generation of Mondeo is to debut at next year’s Geneva Motor Show. It is also expected for release as early as next summer. After first impressions of the car, we for one really can’t wait. How much influence did the Ford Evos have? We took an in depth look(…)

Door Edge Protector to prevent those annoying scratches 0

When stationary alongside another car, it can be difficult to open your doors without scratching the car next to you sometimes. Ford has introduced the Edge Protector which they have showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week. It’s a handy feature within the car which aims to prevent those common dents and scratches which(…)

The Ford Mondeo awarded greenest family car of the year 0

Whatcar? The highly respected automotive magazine and website have named the Ford Mondeo the greenest family car of the year. Green credentials The particular model to come under praise was the 1.6 TDCi which offered 65.6mpg and 114g/km of C02 emissions. The emissions are so low that it equates to a £30 annual expense after(…)

Design your own apps for your Ford 0

We have already seen Bluetooth and iPod connectivity in cars, along with clever computers that calculate various statistics for you to see. Now some new Ford technology will hope to take things that step further. The new venture will be a way of getting programmers and developers on board to create applications for cars through(…)