Ford looking for shadow successor 0

Ford is looking to appoint a Chief Operating Officer who could closely with the current Chief Executive Alan Mulally with the intention to succeed him after Mr Mulally decides to retire. American reports describe the news as hiring a COO. Ford are clearly looking to the future and planning of ways to move forward once(…)

Ford sales increase in India and Canada 0

The Canadian and Indian divisions of Ford are reporting positive sales figures, according to reports. Ford India Sales in India have increased by 30% this year. Both wholesale and export sales result in 111,631 cars sold from January to November of 2011. Compared to the same time period last year, this represents a 30% increase.(…)

The Ford Ranger 1996 – 2002 Review 0

The Ford Ranger is an American inspired van which has been greatly improved over the years. We reviewed the later version in our previous review of the vehicle, but today we take a look at the variant which was produced from 1999 – 2006. We take a look at the some of the van’s best(…)

Ford Cougar Review 0

The Ford Cougar was released in 1998 and had its production ended in 2002. It was known as a vehicle that offered great value for money.  We take a look at what we believe were the car’s best features. Practicality Unlike most coupes, the Ford Cougar has a great amount of space. It was basis(…)

Ford Transit Euro 5 0

What used to be known as a noisy big white van has turned into one of the safest and practical vans available on the UK market. In this article today, we take a look at what the rave reviews and comments surrounding the Ford Transit Euro 5 star. The van is certainly a classic, lasting(…)

Ford’s Lincoln brand to receive boost 0

Ford is making improvements on their luxury Lincoln brand in attempt to rival the best manufacturers in the world. Audi, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz and Cadillac are all taking note of developments from Ford Lincoln at present. Toughest challenge The struggling brand is clearly in need of major improvements.  Truecar.com, the popular and well respected American(…)

Ford making new vehicle and engine introductions in China 0

Ford is will attempt to grab a bigger stake in the world’s largest automotive market. At present the company has 3% market share. They will bring 15 new vehicles and 20 new engines into the Chinese market by 2015. China’s emission problem As you may have guessed already, the main reasoning behind this significant development(…)

Ford workers threaten to strike over pensions 0

Ford’s staff are threatening to go on strike over a pension row. We have reported a similar story which involved Ford America. The potential Ford strike on this side of the Atlantic seems almost like a mirror of actions that were taken in America recently. If the strike does go ahead, it will the first(…)

MyFord glitches to be fixed 0

Ford’s touch screen system MyFord is set for a major repair operation. Ford’s reputation is said to be majorly suffering from this setback. Many have complained of failures on the system. Not only have customers suffered from this but their opinion of Ford has taken a negative turn. When looking at the system, everything appears(…)

Ford in the same boat as others in Thailand 0

Production for Ford in Thailand has halted. The devastating floods in the country have had a severe effect on the automotive industry throughout the world.Ford has suffered from supply of parts following the floods. It is estimated that 30,000 vehicles set for production could be affected. Toyota has also announced a halt of North American(…)