Ford Mondeo Estate Review 0

We have already taken a look at the Ford Mondeo Hatchback, describing just what a brilliant car it is. Today we look at the Estate version and take a look at all of its best features. Practicality When putting both the Ford Mondeo Estate and Hatchback version against each other, the major difference is the(…)

Ford voice controlled iHeartRadio 0

A very interesting piece of news regarding Ford’s in car technology has recently emerged in America. They have installed the iHeartRadio app within one of their models which functions through voice control. The service is free and provides over 800 of America’s best known digital only stations and popular live broadcasts and digital only stations.(…)

The brand new Ford Mondeo 0

The all new fifth generation Ford Mondeo has finally been officially unveiled by Ford. We can expect the car go on sale in early 2013. Same version for everyone The Ford Mondeo is set to be unchanged for car markets across the world, meaning every country will have the same build. The same strategy will(…)

Ford unleash the EcoSport in India 0

We previously reported that Ford’s Indian website gave a sneak preview on their website of a new EcoSport vehicle. It was swiftly taken down and was deemed to be a mistake by the American car company. Following that news, it will not come as a surprise that the company has now officially revealed the new(…)

Your new Ford to be made of recycled plastic bottles 0

Ford has announced that they plan to use recycled plastic bottles when creating new vehicles such as the Ford Focus Electric.Ford is planning to use 2 million old plastic bottles from landfills. We recently published an article on the 5th January named “Ford aim to reduce water usage for car production”. This article explains how(…)

The Ford Fiesta Review 0

Ford Fiesta is one of the most popular and iconic cars available on the UK market. It’s one of the best if the not the best small car on the market and continues to be one of the top sellers year after year. Let’s analyse why the car is considered to be so great. Running(…)

The 2012 Ford Edge Review 1

In our article today, we review the popular American vehicle the Ford Edge. You may not have heard of it before but it’s so good that we are sure you would love to see the car in the UK. The name of the car alone suggests that the car has something special about it. Canada(…)

Ford make a host of improvement to the new Focus 0

The new American Ford Focus has been greatly enhanced with a host of wonderful new features. Ever since the car has been released there have been a number of extra of developments allowing the vehicle to stay ahead as a family favourite in many car markets throughout the world. Although the car will be the(…)

Ford pay out shareholders for the first time in 5 years 0

Ford has ended a 5 year drought by paying their shareholders. Ford, who is the second largest car producer in America, declared a 5 cent quarterly dividend over the weekend. This was made possible after the company earned an enormous $1.65 billion in the third quarter of 2011. That in itself was also a record(…)

Ford shifts production from Mexico to Ohio 0

As promised, Ford has transferred projects in Mexico to the USA. Employees in Ohio will now have further responsibilities and prospects, with 1,400 jobs saved. The move of a truck assembly operation works hand in hand with part of an agreement for Ford to transfer work overseas to the United States of America. Did the(…)