Ford releases Vignale Mondeo for upscale European buyers 0

After the Ford unveiled a premium take on the Taurus for the Chinese market, now they are set to release the Vignale Mondeo into the European market, aiming at the more upscale buyers across Europe. New style of Mondeo The new Vignale Mondeo will be available in four-door and estate bodystyles, which will be hand(…)

Ford ‘British’ strategy 0

Ford are hoping to perform a lot better here in the UK. They plan to utilise a strategy which will showcase them as a very British company, localising their advertising campaigns to align themselves with the target audience. Jim Farley, Ford’s global marketing head is to lead the campaign. The strategy is known as a(…)

The Ford C-Max Energi plug-in is the fastest electric vehicle 2

The Ford C-Max Energi plug-in has been named as the fastest electric vehicle after tests were carried out. The top electric speed achieved by this vehicle stands at 85 MPH. That goes to show that the vehicle is able to keep up with all the rest on the motorway, even when the petrol engine is(…)

Relax and stay calm in Traffic Jams with Ford’s latest technology 0

Waiting in traffic is a typical frustration that hits every single motorist in the UK. Ford understands that it is one of the worst elements of driving and has attempted to do something about it. The technology in question seems quite revolutionary and more importantly unrealistic at this moment in time. By the simple press(…)

Ford “weighing down their options” 0

Ford wants to lower the weight of their cars and trucks by around 113 KG to 340 KG by the year 2020. Fuel prices Ford are aiming to make their vehicles more energy efficient, with a lighter car meaning a more economical and fuel efficient car. Fuel prices are showing no sign of decreasing anytime(…)

A new Ford Dealership costing £5 million 0

Benfield, who the largest motor group currently in the North East have invested £5 million in their new planned Ford Dealership which was acquired on Riverside Road, Sunderland. The company currently have five dealerships in the Yorkshire region. The company are hoping to bring in 45 new members of staff to work inside their new(…)

Will the 2015 Ford Focus RS be developed? 0

The Ford Focus RS has not been approved for production. That is what we heard in reports the last time the Ford Focus RS was discussed.In further developments today we have heard that the project was sanctioned but its development has been delayed! Ford focusing on other cars The reasons behind this are said to(…)

The new Ford Fiesta introduced in India 0

Ford has launched the brand new Fiesta in the country.  The car was showcased at the Delhi showroom. The 1.5 litre Ti-VCT diesel will cost approximately £9,100 with the Duratorq TDCi 1.5 litre costing £10,000. The Ambiente version contains some wonderful features that are sure to attract some motorists to pay that little bit extra(…)

The new American 2013 Ford Taurus 0

The Ford 2013 Ford Taurus is set to hit the American car market and is expected to be better than ever. Benefits of the EcoBoost 2.0 litre To start with the car is a lot more fuel efficient. The vehicle will achieve 31 MPG on the motorway thanks to the newly installed 2.0 litre EcoBoost(…)

The Ford Edge now has the EcoBoost engine 0

The EcoBoost engine has now been introduced into the Ford Edge. This particular engine has worked wonders for the company in models such as the F-150.  Ford are now banking on the EcoBoost engine performing wonders in the Edge this year. What’s so special about the EcoBoost engine? It provides a wholly satisfying performance but(…)