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Is the Ford Mondeo Hybrid worth it? 1

The Ford Mondeo Hybrid sounds very economical, making it an attractive option as a company car. However, many experts have said that the car should be avoided. Why? The car may seem economical, but the diesel version of the Mondeo is even more so. The petrol version offers a better drive. What does the hybrid(…)

Will the Ford GT come back in 2016? 1

The Ford GT is absolutely stunning and unique car. All enthusiasts would love to see a new version on our roads once again. Rumours from the United States suggest that this could be made into a reality. As Ford are reaching it’s 50th anniversary of the victory at Le Mans. If any car was to(…)

The electric Ford Focus 0

An electric Ford Focus is set to hit 19 different markets next year. Just when you thought the car couldn’t get any greener? Surprisingly Ford has taken a while to enter to electric car market. Many have put that down to a slow rise in that particular market. Nevertheless it is starting to pick up.(…)

The new Ford Focus ST 1

The Frankfurt motor show is an event that every car fan looks forward to every year. There are always bound to be surprises with breathtaking new models on display. The Ford Focus ST is an example of something great for the future from Ford. The new version is said to be released next year. From(…)

Ford Kuga Review 0

The uniquely named Ford Kuga is one the best SUV’s available on the market. It’s a special type of vehicle, which offers many great features. In this article we take a look at some the reasons as to why it has been successful. Practicality One great feature about the car is the excellent practicality that(…)