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Ford Transit Connect to become a New York Taxi 1

The New York taxi is as famous and iconic as the London bus. Ford are now attempting to achieve another piece of history by deploying Ford Transit Connect as New York taxis. This is quite an interesting piece of news from the other side of the Atlantic. There is said to be more than 400(…)

The first generation Ford Galaxy 0

The first generation Ford Galaxy was something quite remarkable when it first arrived in 1995. It latest 11 years before this generation was abandoned, which is quite a testament to how popular it was and still is. We take a look at why the car is something of an icon now. The large multi purpose(…)

Ford to add 7000 jobs in the USA 0

This week there has been some very encouraging news for the currently struggling American automotive industry. The world’s largest economy is set to receive a tremendous boost in order to revive its fortunes thanks to Ford. At present Ford is the second largest automotive manufacturer in the USA and employ 75,000 people throughout the country.(…)

Ford to build electric engines in China 0

News from the automotive industry has reported that Ford is considering developing electric engines in China with the assistance of a partner.This looks like another attempt by one the biggest automotive manufactures to create engines that don’ cause their drivers too much money to run and are not as harmful to the environment too.  Ford(…)

The Ford Mondeo awarded greenest family car of the year 0

Whatcar? The highly respected automotive magazine and website have named the Ford Mondeo the greenest family car of the year. Green credentials The particular model to come under praise was the 1.6 TDCi which offered 65.6mpg and 114g/km of C02 emissions. The emissions are so low that it equates to a £30 annual expense after(…)

Ford and Toyota combine for Hybrid Technology 0

Earlier this summer we heard that Ford will be joining forces with Toyota to create a new hybrid system for SUV’s (Sport utility vehicles) and pickup trucks.  Ford and Toyota are perhaps the world’s biggest mass production car manufactures. A catalyst for this particular development was the fact the new carbon dioxide emission laws were(…)