Ford News

Two Ford Mustangs for the Price of One? 0

If this was an actual deal at your local dealership, then many Ford Mustang admirers would be going mad across the world. The legendary pony cars are iconic of not only Ford, but of American culture too. So this begs the question of why Ford has decided to get two Mustangs, chop them in half(…)

Limited Edition Ford’s Coming Soon 0

Everyone loves a limited edition vehicle even if it cannot be owned. They are good to look at and usually come with additional power and technological abilities too, so what is there not to love? When historical events are celebrated with a limited edition car it is even better. So, with Fords recent announcement of(…)

Ford Invests in Tech Firm… 0

Every motoring company wants to have the edge in the automotive world. But, the edge can and has been many things. The edge could be speed, weight or battery range but many companies today, are edging closer towards giving the drivers of their vehicles the best possible customer experience possible. Smartphone’s are basically small computers(…)

Will the Ford Edge Conquer the UK and Europe? 0

In case you already didn’t know, the SUV is one of the hottest automotive models that can be purchased right now. They offer the comfort and space which many other models just can’t. So when the market shifts, then so do the companies in order to benefit the most from it. We have recently seen(…)

Ford in Trouble for Emissions in Mexico… 0

The emissions scandal saga is never ending and this time, it is Ford who is in trouble with the authorities. Although they are in trouble over emissions, it is no way scandalous as of up till now and, it must be reiterated, that there has been no apparent cheating either. So what has happened? Unlike(…)

Fords Business Plan Released 0

The motoring world is rapidly changing and a result of this, the companies have to change in order to keep competing by different means. Many companies are investing in electric vehicles, some in autonomous vehicles, some in both; whilst others, are doing them all amongst other things. So, what is the American manufacturing giant Ford(…)

Ford Know Where Their SUV’s are Going… 0

Ford is now aware of where their SUV’s are going after a recent study undertaken by the company has showed them. The SUV which was once claimed the title of the king of a very niche market in Europe, has grown rapidly in the last few years. Now, there are specific groups who are primarily(…)

Ford Fighting Crime… 0

Ford is now in the business of crime fighting and it has occurred extremely accidentally for both the American automotive company and the students that came across a specific crime finding device. Although it was by accident that this crime fighting device was created, it may be one of the most effective tools available to(…)

Ford Creating Fake Engine Noises to Save Environment 0

Ford has issued a patent in regards to the creation of fake engine noises in order to lower emission levels. The logic behind this move does, as argued by Ford theoretically work, but will it when it comes to reality? The idea is that the engine noise creator will be made a part of any(…)

Ford Recalls F-150 Trucks… Again 0

Ford is really having poor luck when it comes to one of their most popular trucks, the F-150. A few months ago, there was a huge recall as a result of a faulty power brake assist function. Although the recall affects the brakes again, the incidents are unrelated. What is wrong with the brakes this(…)